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French Brand SUGAR Launches World¡¦s First Smart Accessory in Hong Kong

Embedded with 129 Swarovski gemstones; perfect for ladies


Hong Kong, 21 January 2014 ¡V French smart accessory brand SUGAR today launched its SWAROVSKI gem-studded smartphone, ¡§SUGAR Made with SWAROVSKI PURE BRILLIANCE¡¨, in Hong Kong and Macau. With the inspiration to create a phone artifact with top design and jewelry customization, SUGAR has collaborated with the leading gemstone brand SWAROVSKI GEMS? to build this stylish accessory. Born in France, SUGAR has transformed the traditional communication device into a fascinating jewelry for elegant, confident and fashionable women, and offers gentlemen the perfect choice of gift for their loved ones.

SUGAR brings phone design into a new realm.? Its design inspiration came from ¡§the mirror of the sky¡¨ and nature elements ?such as starlight, air and water. It stays away from the noises of the earth and redefines the meaning of ¡§eternity & classic¡¨. SUGAR is more than a smart phone; it is ?a masterpiece of art.

SUGAR is born to be brilliant. It is studded with 5.16 carats, 129 pieces of stunning SWAROVSKI gemstones, making it a piece of brilliant fine jewelry. Every unit of SUGAR is carefully crafted, taking up 258 minutes of manual setting and 60 minutes of fine polishing by experienced craftsmen. The pure gemstones give SUGAR a shining luster.?

SUGAR combines elegance and understated luxury. Most ladies are believed to be romantics at heart. Originated from France, SUGAR brings romance and sophistication into the hands of ladies in Hong Kong, and is the perfect choice for gentlemen to present as a gift to their loved ones.

SUGAR epitomizes the drive and passion for excellence. It comes with 32GB internal storage and a powerful quad-core 1.5GHz CPU. For the photo enthusiast, the SUGAR has a powerful 13 mega-pixel Sony stackable back camera, an 8 mega-pixel Sony F2.0 illumination front camera, a sapphire lens cap and automatic face beautification capability. SUGAR¡¦s 5-inch SHARP 1080p Mobile ASV HD Screen also ensures outstanding display for users.

Local Availability
Blanc White and Paris Pink are available in authorized retailers in Hong Kong and Macau starting from today. To learn more, please visit www.sugarphone.com.

The recommended retail price is HKD4,880. During promotion period, a set of limited edition SWAROVSKI PURE BRILLIANCE perfume-shape earrings and necklace, worth HKD1,688, will be given as a gift per purchase.?

SUGAR was founded in Marseille, France. It was first launched in Swarovski Kristallwelten on July 15, 2013.

The first global smart accessory brand, SUGAR has been focusing on providing fashionable products for consumers around the world. SUGAR¡¦s global team has partnered with the world¡¦s leading gemstone brand Swarovski to create the product. It represents a perfect combination of the top jewelry design and customization philosophy together with advanced phone manufacturing techniques. SUGAR gets inspiration from the mirror of the sky and natural elements such as starlight, air and water, to create an elegant, pure masterpiece representing Zen aesthetics and understated luxury design, bringing phone design into a new realm ¡V jewelry in phones. SUGAR has transformed the traditional communication device into the most fascinating jewelry for elegant, confident and metropolitan ladies.

SUGAR hopes to bring this piece of jewelry to all women around the world. It has been launched in France, Russia, China, Hong Kong and Macau and will be launching in Germany, Spain, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, US, Brazil, Philippines, Australia and South Korea.?

SUGAR is the smart accessory, and the masterpiece of art!

For more information, please visit www.sugarphone.com




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