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Terms & Conditions
Thanks for purchasing product from Qool. Warranty shall cover the product in Hong Kong area from the date of purchase in accordance with the following terms and condition:


1.This warranty is valid only in Hong Kong area and Warranty Registration must be completed online. This registration card will only be valid after the successful registration. The Customer Copy of the warranty card and proof of purchase (original invoice or official receipt) are to be retained by customer and must be presented when warranty service is rendered.

2.The warranty does not include free on-site service unless otherwise stated. Services will only be provided in Qool Customer Service Centre. Customer is responsible for transportation of the product to and from Qool Customer Service Centre.

3.Replacement and repairing of Case, AC Adapter, Connector Cable, Telephone Cord, X-Jack, Power Cord, Software Diskette and all supplied accessories are to be charged at cost.

4.All replaced products or parts will become property of Qool.

5.All damage caused by accident, negligence, abuse or misuse, improper voltage, acts of God, software problems, normal ware & tear, or any unauthorized repair or being tampered with will not be covered.

6.Qool is not responsible for warranty service should the manufacturer label, logo or the serial number be removed.

7.This warranty will be treated as void if amended without certification of Qool.

8.Customer should notice that the warranty does not cover neither any training nor software installation or upgrade.

9.Qool shall be not liable for any loss, damage whatsoever, including any loss of profits, damage to property, personal injury and death, arising under or related to the use for this product or the accompanying software, written materials or from errors, deficiencies or faults therein, whether such loss or damage is caused by negligence or otherwise.

10.The warranty and phone support period for the product is one year. The warranty terms and conditions will be subject to change without prior notice.